Industrial Chain Link

If your industrial project needs a fence that is cost effective, installs quickly, is low maintenance and offers site security, our industrial chain link might be what you need.

Industrial chain link fence systems are heavier duty and built to last. We’ve installed them on oil field and other industrial sites throughout western Canada and beyond, and we’re not just an installer – we also manufacture heavy duty industrial chain link products at our Calgary head office, for distribution throughout Canada, including several mini mesh products.

Most of the fittings, tie wires and hog rings used for industrial chain link fences are steel, which allows tack welding when required for added security (often required for prison fence projects.) Industrial chain link fence systems are also available in heights up to 12′, and these fence types are sometimes installed with razor coils and underground security systems.

Our industrial fence estimators are well versed in solving the unique fence problems facing clients in this arena, and our crews are safety certified, experienced and quality driven.