Underground Security

If you’re only looking through and above your fence, there’s a good chance your perimeter is not as secure as you think it is.

That’s because the ground under your fence is often the weakest point on your fence line. Even in Canada, there have been several stories of fences on sites as diverse as warehouses and airports being breached by going under the existing fence.

Fortunately, Rite-Way Fencing has a variety of underground security options that can be added to your perimeter security installation to keep this vulnerable area safe and secure.

Whether it’s as a simple as buried mesh, or as complicated as a custom panel or precast concrete beam, our estimators can offfer you a range of underground fence security options for any fence type.

Metallic Underground Security

Metallic underground security includes buried mesh or fence panels, either as part of the fence or as an additional section. This is a cost effective and easy to install option, but can complicate grounding of a fence, and may increase the risk of corrosion of the fence. Speak to your Rite-Way Fencing representative to discuss coating options that may work for your metallic underground security products.,

Cast In Place Options

Concrete beams and aprons can be used under and along fence lines to provide underground security. Usually, the are unreinforced, but, when designed by the client’s engineer, can incorporate reinforcing, void form and more.

Precast Concrete Options

Precast concrete is another option for underground security, and is quicker and more environmentally tricky than cast in place options. Precast curbs or panels can be placed in a trench below the fence and backfilled to provide security under your fence.