Industrial Welded Mesh

High security welded mesh fence systems are used in some of the highest risk locations in the world. When it comes to high security fence systems, this is the gold standard.

While Canada might not demand the highest security perimeter fencing options for many sites yet, there is a growing interest and demand for high security fence systems that stand up when others might not.

358 Mesh, ClearVu and WireWorks by Ameristar are some of the brands that you might run into when researching industrial welded mesh fence systems, but they all have common goals. To create a barrier that is hard to climb, hard to cut, and impact resistant. In many cases, these fence systems might be integrated with underground security measures, fence top security or electronic add ons like fence detection systems.

Whether you’re considering a welded mesh product like 358 or 3510, or looking for ways to incorporate expanded or perforated metal into specific high risk areas of your perimeter, we’re happy to provide pricing, design assistance and even custom manufacturing when the project demands it.